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Titan Audio Gold Plated Audio Grade Fuses 13a

Titan Audio Gold Plated Audio Grade Fuses 13a

The new Titan Audio gold plated fuse design finally bridges the gap between optimum sound quality and product safety. Through rigorous R&D we have been able to retain a safe 13a soft blow, however crucially, we have reduced the resistance by over 50% compared to a standard BS1363 fuse. The gold plated end caps give the best quality connection over an extended period of time (as silver oxidises when not sealed). The sealed internal silver plated cable reduces resistance which allows current to pass within the correct tolerances that your equipment requires during dynamic bursts in the music.

Boosting Your Cables

While a fuse is a necessary safety feature, it is also one of the major weaknesses in the signal path. The Titan Audio gold plated fuses are one of the most cost effective and best upgrades you can make to any mains cable.

While sceptics will say fuses can’t make a significant difference in a systems sound quality, we beg to differ. Sceptics told us the same about mains cables, but our trophy cabinet put that to rest. Titan Audio’s R&D is meticulous, ground breaking and innovative. We search for improvements in every single part we produce. A fuse is a key factor in a mains cable or component, so why would we ignore it. If the signal passes through it, it needs to be considered, so we produced a range of fuses that offer that superior improvement that you have seen from the rest of our products. Each product we produce is carefully considered, researched, diligently tested, packaged and then realised to the public. We don’t produce anything we aren’t proud to put the Titan Audio logo onto!

Handcrafted in Northern Ireland

All Titan products (inc our fuses) are hand made in the Belfast area of N.Ireland by skilled technicians and vigorously tested to give customers the best possible products available anywhere in the world. Our lifetime warranty shows customers just how confident we are in our team and our products.

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Dominating the Competition

Simply The Best

Here at Titan Audio, we don't do second place. We strive to produce mains products that dominate the market and allow users to get the most out of their equipment! That's why it's no surprise that Titan Audio products have received '5 Star' and 'Best Buy' recommendations from reviewers worldwide!

Handcrafted Quality

Every Titan Audio product is handcrafted in Northern Ireland by our expert team of trained technicians. Not only does this allow us to closely monitor our production to ensure it achieves our high standards but also ensures any product you receive is made truly unique, not just by a machine.

Lifetime Warranty

Every product is meticulously tested, examined and approved before being released, however sometimes things can go wrong. With Titan Audio, you have no need to worry with our Lifetime Warranty Guarantee! Simply register your product 30 Days from purchase to ensure that no matter what may happen, we have you covered!

Backed By Science

It's not just a phase! Titan Audio are devoted to producing products which are state of the art and superior to the competition. We devoted three years of research before we began production on our first product, and we continue to upload this high standard in every design we make. Don't believe us, read all about the effect of our products from esteemed institute, Queen's University, who verify and confirm the impact of Titan Audio!

Importance of Mains

Why Use Titan Audio?

Considering upgrading your system with the highest possible quality current? Here at Titan Audio, we have dedicated years of research, testing and perfecting into every one of our products! 

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The Latest Innovation in HiFi

FFT Hybrid Technology

Our patented ForceField Technology (FFT) provides never before seen protection from interference such as EMI & RFI. Learn more about this revolutionary design only available in Titan Audio products.

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Queen University Certified

Backed by Science

Unlike the competition, we don't just tell you our products work, we prove it! That's why we teamed up with the prestigious Queen's University Institute in Belfast to show the facts behind our products.

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