Forged In Northern Ireland

Generational Desire

This however is not the origin of our story, for that we need to go back a little further to a small town based in the North of Ireland. Gary Campbell, our Managing Director and Founder of Titan Audio, was raised on the principles of high quality music reproduction by his highly commended father, a leading expert and enthusiast in the world of HiFi. After years of working alongside leading brands from around the globe in audio retail, an understanding of the fundamentals of what makes a quality audio system were discovered.

heart of your system

Cabling Is Key

After years of experience, we found that the influence of electronics and speakers alone could only go so far, and as such a quest for true realistic sound reproduction was conducted. After much research we began to consider the influence of cabling, realising that a system could only be as good as the cables which connected it. Years of research were conducted before an initial test range of cables, including speaker, analogue, digital and (what would become most influential) power cabling were prototyped.

Titans of Power

Inspired By Legends

As trials were conducted throughout HiFi retailers across Northern Ireland, it was not long before our innovation was publicly recognised and a new face of the industry was born, Titan Audio! The name paid homage to Gary’s father, whose interest in Greece methodology led to the powerful and dominant branding. Being quickly backed by the local industry, Gary took our brand forward and began further developments in creating a number of new ranges to bring to the public.

Powered By Innovation

Focus on Power

Our initial range consisted of an entire system loom, before our efforts focused into power distribution, an area which their research outlined as the most influential in any system. Resources were then directed into the development of these products including power cables and blocks, solidifying our expertise in this sector. Word spread fast of the up-and-coming brand, leading to collaborations with local government programs such as Invest NI who helped support the development in early years.

Results Guaranteed

Scientifically Tested

Pairing with Invest NI, an independent study was conducted to scientifically prove the quality of our designs. Hosted by the esteemed Queen’s University Belfast, a leading educational institute in the UK, research evaluating the build quality, safety and performance of each product was completed. In conclusion, our products are scientifically proven to have longer life cycles than standardised and competitor products, safer construction and most importantly undeniable audio improvement. For more information click the button below:

QUB Research Report

TOP 10 Company

Approved By Royalty

On top of these developments, we were also credited in the 'Top 10 New Start-ups' in Northern Ireland! This achievement created such interest that the nation's own King Charles III (at the time Prince of Wales) personally came to see the company for himself alongside his spouse, Queen Camilla. This landmark achievement created lasting effects, being featured in UK wide news articles as the King of England was introduced to the brand and experienced our products first hand.

In Our DNA

Family Run

The innovation however did not stop there. As the years have passed we continue to expand, growing in both staff and global presence. With distribution spreading across the UK, Europe, America and Asia, Titan Audio continues to be one of the world's leading power distribution manufacturers. Still managed by its original founder, Gary Campbell we remain a family run business with introductions such as Matthew Campbell, Gary’s younger brother, who now oversees general operations. Each product is meticulously handcrafted in Northern Ireland and is subjected to rigorous quality control standards to ensure that every Titan Audio product is a product for life.

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