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of Isolation

"Despite our best efforts to remove all impurities from the mains supply directly, we were still challenged with managing the interference which was all around us. Airborne effects of RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) & EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) limited the effectiveness of our cables, because they introduced unwanted noise into our supply. We needed a way of protecting the current from the inside out, creating a protective layer around the cable itself."

Evolution of the FFT Module

Matty / Lead Designer

Not Tested On Animals

Active Shielding

Powered by a Titan designed power supply the FFT module operates on a small 5V voltage.

Not Tested On Animals

Detachable Design

The FFT Module can be moved between compatible cables

Natural Ingredients

Upgrades any component

Just connect to any compatible Titan Audio power cable

FFT (ForceField Technology)

The FFT module houses incredibly sophisticated electronics, which creates an invisible shield around the mains cable, eradicating the effects of airborne interference such as RFI & EMI.

The FFT Module is a detachable / additional module which can be added to our mains cables range at any time, offering long term upgradability. By adding an additional level of isolation to our cables, it further protects the mains supply and delivers cleaner power to your electronics which results in better listening. 

How it Works

Latest Advancements in FFT

Initial Vision

Our mission is remove/reduce as much mains interference as possible, helping customers achieve the highest possible quality sound from their systems. The FFT Module has helped achieve this goal for many systems across the globe, raising them to the highest level.

At least that's what we first thought...

Our Latest Development

By advancing the technologies used with the original FFT module, we have redeveloped the ForceFielding concept and created a system which is smarter, faster and more dynamic than ever before. 

We are proud to introduce the latest development in our ForceField range, the FFT Hybrid!

FFT Hybrid

With the success of the initial design of the FFT module, the next challenge was to better implement this concept into our cable range. The first area that was addressed was the dependence on a secondary mains supply to active the FFT alongside the mains cable, because this resulted in the need for multiple power sockets to be used for a single cable. 

By sourcing power directly from the mains cable itself, the new FFT Hybrid Module is more efficient than ever before. This removes the need for additional cabling for added convenience and supplies cleaner and faster power, helping the Force-Field active sooner and with greater strength to help eradicate unwanted noise. 

Latest Developments Include: 

Hybrid Connectivity
We have removed the need for an additional power supply for greater convenience
Additional Protection
The latest developments in our FFT technologies has allowed us to add a further layer of isolation
Faster Response
The new ForceField can generate around the cable faster than ever before, getting protection faster
Hybrid Range
The FFT Hybrid pairs with a newly developed range of mains power cables, better than ever before