'Best Buy' Review for Helios, Helios Signature & Eros Cables!

"These cables brought great enjoyment at a much more affordable price and, from a musical perspective, delivered the goods with aplomb."

Chris Baillie (The Ear) highlights his take on our Helios, Helios Signature, and Eros Mains Cables! Check out some of the best bits of the review on each cable, or read the full review below:

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Helios Mains Cable

"This cable impressed me immediately, and vocals were projected further forward and better articulated, which made it easier to understand both words and phrasing. Drums were better defined and delivered with more weight and body. Cymbals sounded crisper and had a more natural decay." 

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Helios Signature Cable

"Brought the most significant jump in performance for me and created a bit of a wow moment, especially in terms of weight, dynamics and, in particular, the timing. Guitars now sounded more natural and freer and were given more space. Vocals were now easier to follow and sounded more human, bringing to my attention how singers controlled their vocal delivery." 

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Eros Mains Cable

"It is clearly higher in resolution and is sweet tonally. It brings more texture to the lower frequencies, but the enhanced higher frequencies mean you focus on the music as a whole rather than marvel at the sense of power and weight. The soundstage is a little more open and three-dimensional and presents the music in a more natural sense of acoustic. Studio effects are easier to discern, and instrumental texture is better resolved." 

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