Why Use Titan Audio?

Considering upgrading your system with the highest possible quality current? Here at Titan Audio, we have dedicated years of research, testing and perfecting into every one of our products! 

Introduction into Mains

No matter how impressive a system is, the overall performance comes down to the quality of the source. Regardless of what kind of system you are running, every component has one inherent similarity, a need for power! 

Mains power effects all aspects of a system and is the origin point of every component. Regardless of how many upgrades/changes you make along the way, if the source is not improved upon then every other aspect following it will suffer. By introducing cleaner and more efficient mains power, a system can finally reach its full potential.

But why is Mains delivery so important?

Importance of Conditioning

Standard issued Mains cabling only offers customers the bare minimum. Because these cables are considered an 'accessory' to most HiFi products, the level of quality is far below the necessary requirements for the level of equipment. Basically it's only there because it has to be! 

More standardised mains cables utilise impure copper cabling which is contaminated metal, containing considerable amounts of impurities and faults. The affected cabling transports these impurities into your system, delivering less responsive and inconsistent power. This results in the presence of noise, adding unwanted sounds into every track. And that's just inside the cable! 

Need for Proper Cabling!

Making a real difference to your sound!
Better Detail
With cleaner current coming into equipment at a faster rate, sound reproduction can be more efficient
Reduce Noise
Reducing or even removing the noise floor helps to more accurately replicate an albums desired sound. 
Isolate Components
Through defined isolation in equipment, we can better reduce the presence of noise. 
Consistent  Current
Normal mains cabling can't provide a steady flow of power, affecting the performance of products.  

A Revolution In Mains Conditioning

The ideal choice for your HiFi system

High Quality Cabling

Nothing but the purest lengths of Oxygen Free Copper (OFC), Single Crystal Copper/Silver (OCC) cable are used throughout, delivering fast and clean power to your system components.

Superior Plugs

With over 300 dedicated hours of development, our plugs have been specially designed to drive power in and out of our cabling, offering the most accurate and clean current available.

Handcrafted Character

All of our products are handcrafted by our finely selected technicians who undergo over 1000 hours of training before being introduced into the production line. 

ForceField Integration

Our Reference Cable ranges feature compatibility with our patented Force Field Technology (FFT) which adds an additional layer of isolation to your high current equipment.

The Titan Audio Standard

Products for Life

We are so confident in our products that we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all models registered within 30 days of purchase.

Made by Humans

Every single product made by Titan Audio has been handcrafted by the incredibly talented team of home-grown, Northern Irish manufacturing technicians.

Each of our operatives have had at least 1000 hours of training before being introduced into the assembly line, where they are then closely monitored by 'Master Maker'

Based on Facts

Studies conducted in association with Ulster University Belfast have proven the positive effects of our products!