The Origins of Titan Audio

Through rigorous trails and testing, we have grown to become the masters of mains conditioning. The team here at Titan Audio continue to strive for new levels of quality and performance in all our products.

Evolution of Mains Filtering

Our goal has and always will be to produce products that can help improve any HiFi system. Titan Audio's range has diversified over the years as we explored different areas of cabling, however our primary focus is related to mains technology. Throughout our research, we discovered this to be the origin point of all systems, so we focus our efforts on helping listeners improve their experience by fixing the problems at the source.  

Gary Campbell  / Managing Director

Our Philosophy

Everything we make is handmade here in Northern Ireland by our expert team of trained technicians.  Our production methods have and will continue to be closely monitored and modified to ensure that we provide customers with products of the upmost quality and performance.  Although there are alternatives options is mains conditioning, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail, work ethic and quality in design above all others.

Beautiful + Effective + Powerful

1. Conceptualisation

2. Testing & Regulations

3. Production

From initial conceptualisation of an idea to full scale production, every aspects of Titan Audio is rigorously tested and modified until the best possible version is achieved. With every product we make, we ensure that the utmost attention to detail is achieved and we are proud this has been recognised throughout our reviews & awards. 

Making the Difference

We focus on truly identifying the problems within a system, so that listeners can enjoy and experience the full potential of their equipment. Unlike competitors, we don't just use slightly better materials and expect customers to believe the difference, no we put in the work. 

Every product that we design continues on by implementing our newest technologies and techniques to ensure customers are witnessing state-of-the-art products that are unlike everything seen before. All of this while still maintaining the personal and unique experience of having a product that has been hand-built just for you.

Mission & Vision

Even before Titan Audio was formed, we knew that there was significance room for improvement. While we aren't the first to tackle the problem of managing mains interference, the industry standards where far below what they thought was acceptable.

With years of dedicated research, working with some of the industries finest sound engineers and leading research facilities, we created a range of products that could demolish the competition and improve the sound of any users system.