HiFi Pig Highly Recommends the Nyx Mains Cable!

"Superb! The materials, plug and IEC are all a class beating and are of great standard, and well above the norm for this price point, sheathing and termination are visually very attractive."

Alan McInstosh (HiFi Pig) explains why the Nyx is one of the best mains cables money can buy! Check out some of the best bits of the review on each cable, or read the full review below:

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Nyx Mains Cable

"A superbly constructed cable offering great quality materials and a noticeable lift in playback. Providing a lift to energy, air and resolution especially on digital sources in my system. Versus the hot competition in the market today Titan has somehow managed to include genuinely class-leading components at an incredibly sharp price point and the Nyx should be on everyone’s audition list. I’ve now invested in more, as well as complimentary products."

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