"Characterful Bass" from the Eros!

"If nothing else, this test shows the importance of mains cables to the hi-fi chain."

Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man) expresses the "admirable degree of detail"  of the Eros Mains Cable! Check out some of the best bits of the review, or read the full review below:

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Eros Mains Cable

"The sense of midrange insight to extract detail from both the saxes and clarinets enhanced the busy nature of the soundstage while the rather shy piano was picked out and presented as a full part of the mix. Meanwhile, Desmond’s own vocal performance flowed in a wholly romantic and effortless manner.  "

"The Eros did give it a sense of personality though by giving string plucks a start/stop structure with gaps in between each string delay and the next pluck. The improvements were subtle but any improvement in this area was welcome. Bass in general terms was massy in weight, giving the music a solid foundation."

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