Back-to-Back 5 Stars for Ares Mains Block!

"The reduction in high-frequency glare when the Ares fed my system was equally impressive. The noise floor was perceptibly lower, which allowed dynamics to thrive."

Chris Baillie (The Ear) clarifies that the Ares Mains Block is the bargain of the HiFi Industry! Check out some of the best bits of the review, or read the full review below:

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Ares Mains Cable

"The music was presented with a better sense of weight, focus and precision, especially percussion instruments, which now timed better, benefiting from the removal of the slight glare I heard via the competitor’s block."

"Here it expanded upon the already cavernous soundstage, enhancing bass depth and power. The third track from the album, How Do You Stop, demonstrated the transient performance that the Titan Ares allowed my system to deliver"

"The Ares was a match dynamically, slightly stronger in the low frequencies, and, whilst not matching the five times more expensive block’s level of detail and insight, delivered the music in what was perhaps a more organic and unforced manner."

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