Styx Cable & Block among 6 Moons Credits!

"In short, my patriotic juices gurgled."

 Srajan Ebaen (6 Moons) recommends the Titan Audio Range in this review, with focus on the Styx Mains Cable and Block! Check out some of the best bits of the review, or read the full review below:

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"For those sick of hifi's pricing ascendant, the famed luck of the Irish looked set to take root well outside the Emerald Isle especially with the first three power cords and entry-level power strip."

Styx Mains Cable & Block

"Titan's passive point-to-point no-frills power strip is another contender. It bettered a generic competitor and opened doors to upgrades of the power link between it and the wall. Here the sky is the limit. More relevant to shoppers who buy at the big box movers is having a better alternative than the infernal power strips available there. Those are kosher for lights and toasters and coffee makers but not for proper hifi. At £200 for six outlets plus a 1-metre detachable Styx power cord, Titan Audio's entry-level Styx power distributor becomes the perfectly sane solution. Score a few for team Eire!"

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