A 'Groovy' Review on the Helios!

"If nothing else, this test shows the importance of mains cables to the hi-fi chain."

Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man) expresses the dynamic range and bass delivery of the Helios Mains Cable! Check out some of the best bits of the review, or read the full review below:

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Helios Mains Cable

"There seemed to be more bass information presented to the ear. Instead of a dead pool of low frequency tones laying on the floor, the bass appeared to be formed with its own boundaries. It hovered like a ‘thing’ instead of a ghostly cloud coming from nowhere in particular. On the other end of the sonic spectrum, the greater amount of air allowed far longer reverb tails from cymbal strikes while the Young vocal was less constricted and compressed. The drums residing more in the midrange area also exhibited freedom of movement."

"The brass section now had a greater resonance suite of detailed textures and that shy piano offered a more information, as did the saxophones whose reedy nature was really apparent here."

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