Titan meets Royalty

On the 13th June 2018, Titan Audio had the privilege to meet his Royal Highness Prince Charles alongside Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, at an exclusive event in Gortin, N.Ireland. Titan Audio was invited to attend the event, having been selected as part of only 6 other businesses to meet with royalty in what was a very exclusive event.


His Royal Highness and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall both took an interest in our products, and it was fascinating to speak to his Royal Highness Prince Charles about music, his experiences and thoughts on it. His Royal Highness was very intrigued by our build quality,  that our products are designed & constructed in N.Ireland and what makes them a step above the rest.


The highly secured event, was then opened to the public following his Royal Highness’s departure, and it was great to speak to our local public about high end audio, and how it can be achieved.


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