NEW Mains Blocks

Titan Audio are happy to announce the release of two new products into the Titan Audio range. With the success of our initial mains blocks in the form of the Styx and Eros, the introduction of the new Nyx & Helios mains blocks are a welcome addition to the range.


The Nyx will become the replacement for the immensely successful Styx Mains block, with much of the technology of our more expensive blocks filtering down into the new Nyx Model. Wired exclusively with Nyx mains cable, the new Nyx block offers many upgrades over its styx predecessor at no additional cost.


Alongside the new Nyx Block, we are also announcing the addition of the Helios mains block, which is a Titan world first, will include the use of surge protection. This was a challenge in both design and manufacturer to develop a system that didn’t negatively effect the sonic performance of any system. The new Helios block also incorporates features & design elements from the more expensive Eros Block. The Helios, like its matching cable range, is slotted between the Nyx and Eros models, giving customers a fantastic upgrade path, and bridges the gap between the Nyx and Eros models.

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