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Titan Audio Helios Mains Cable

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This is the second model in the Level 1 range. It, like the Tyco uses a high quality copper cable construction, but has more than double the current delivery of its younger sibling, due to the increase of copper used. The copper used is also of a higher purity being long crystal thereby allowing a smoother flow of power, and reduces the chances of the power being effected by any further contaminants.  It is also twisted and shielded to reduce to reduce the effects of RFI & EMI interference.


This cable can be used in components such as power amplifiers, or slightly larger integrated amps due to its high current delivery. It therefore not only improves the performance of the components by reducing interference, but also improves dynamics and detail with its extra power delivery.


The Helios is a great step up from the Tyco, allowing you to see and hear the differences present when better materials and further enhancements are made to the cable. Its a great benchmark for the higher range of cables, and will certainly let you hear the the difference that new technologies, materials and enhancements can make.

Like the Tyco, the Helios has received a Five Star Review in Hi Fi World magazine.