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Titan Audio Contact Cleaner Treatment

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Like anything, maintenance is always a key factor in keeping something running smoothly and effectively, and mains cables are no different. Several customers came to us and asked about maintenance on their cables. We tried several options, but couldn’t find anything that we liked, so we made our own!


The Titan Audio contact cleaner, is a clear spray, that can be sprayed directly to the supplied Nano cloth, which can then be applied onto your plug pins, leaving a clean and perfect finish, allowing your cable to continue to work to its full potential.


Titan Audio’s compact cleaner is a powerful citrus degreaser, designed to remove electrical greases, leaving a clean surface. It is non conductive spray, formulated to a high di-electric strength of 53,000v.  Low volatility, with a boiling point of 167’C, this application has also been used by Rolls Royce, for removal of grease on jet engine blades!


Our Nano technology allows for a deep clean, but also protection by sealing the plug from harmful grease and other undesirable contaminants. This spray can also be used on your HiFi component connections, such as RCA sockets, banana plugs and much more…


A couple of sprays onto the Nano cloth, and a light wipe is all that is needed in order to keep your cables working perfectly for years to come. Recommended with 3-5 sprays on the cloth, and a light wipe across the affected surfaces every 6 months, is all that is required.


A simple and inexpensive way to maintain that perfect finish on your connections, to allow your system to perform to its full abilities.




Capacity: 50ml

Nano Cloth: Included

Premium Spray Trigger: Included