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The Titan Audio Styx is the first release in our long awaited power distribution units. The Styx distribution unit was designed with the same characteristics as all of our cables, offering our customers are famous lifetime warranty and the classic Titan Audio sound

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Unlike most power distribution blocks which are busbar (meaning they are all connected via solid metal bars) thus causing a reduction in power delivery as you descend down the unit. This in turn leads to a noticeable reduction in sound quality although being our entry level unit. Each of our sockets are independently wired with Oxygen free copper cable, with no loss of current delivery anywhere in the unit, and therefore offers superior sound to similarly priced units.



We wanted to keep the same characteristics with our power distribution units as our customers have become accustomed to with our cables, therefore quality was at the forefront of our design. The Styx offers flexibility with an IEC input allowing your personal choice of mains cable to truly refine your sound. We recommend the Titan Audio Helios mains cable, as it offers high current delivery while keeping to a budget.


Sytx, is the perfect starting point for any Hi Fi or Home Cinema system. With is streamline design, the power distribution block easily fits into
any system, and can be used with everything from entry level to high end systems. Built to work perfectly with all our our mains cable range, with the same high quality connections, offering perfect fitment everytime!


Aluminum Body

Individually Wired

Acrylic Isolation Feet

Increased current bandwidth

Designed for high current components

Reduces RFI Interferance

Cryogenically frozen plugs