Stores claiming to sell Titan Audio products as outlets are not associated with DGR Group or TItan Audio. Indeed Titan Audio products are exclusively sold in Titan Audio official retail stores and through Titan Audio's official website

Beware of misleading Titan Audio outlets online. Online outlets appear to offer beautiful goods made with quality cable, connectors, and hardware synonymous to the genuine Titan Audio brand, but in actuality they offer faulty merchandise. While Titan Audio produces hand crafted products, watches with a lifetime warranty, a product claiming to be a TItan Audio product purchased from a fictitious online outlet will hold noticeably poor construction and likely be unsafe for electronic purposes.

Two things you should know about Titan Audio:
-   Titan Audio products are exclusively sold in Titan Audio partner stores and through TItan Audio official website
-   Titan Audio never marks down prices, and unless they are second hand, discounted Titan Audio items found on the Web are highly suspicious.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us to make sure that you don’t purchase a fake Titan Audio product.

Other audio brands discount direct and online so why don't we?

We can't speak for other brands but as a rule of thumb if you see a brand continually discounted then there's probably a reason for it... That reason is because they are priced up to be priced down or use much cheaper parts in order to offer discounts making customers think they are getting a better deal. The other reason can be because they need the sales during a rough patch.. either way it's not an appealing offer.

Titan Audio RRP prices are based on material costs and labour, we don't pick random RRP's just to price up/down to competitors, instead we offer customers the best possible materials and craftsmanship within a structured design and package it with a lifetime guarantee. We also don't have a direct only policy (to cut the middle man and make more profit) we have a worldwide distribution system with exceptional support from our official distribution/retail partners so that you recieve a service that match's the quality of our products.

Titan Audio never makes any sale and Titan Audio products are exclusively sold in Titan Audio Partner stores and through Titan Audio's official website

The low prices advertised by sites claiming to be a Titan Audio outlet store are reduced at such level for one reason – the cables, distribution blocks and accessories are likely made of cheap poor materials that will not only sound awful but are most likely unsafe for electrical use. Instead of genuine Titan Audio items from official stores, unscrupulous sellers will attempt to trick customers by affixing the trusted Titan Audio name or TA initials to inferior merchandise.