The third edition to the Nemesis range, the Titan Audio Nemesis Speaker Cable is a long awaited addition, but it was worth the wait! Made from a high purity single crystal silver, finished in a stunning black sheath which is then braided to aid in the reduction of RFI & EMI Interference, drawing from the same technology that made the Nemesis Mains cable legends in their own right.

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EMI - Absorbant Cylinders

Specially desinged and manufactured EMI Absorbent cyclinders offer superior isolation and reduced EMI allowing for a crisper and cleaner sound. Finished in Aluminum and carbon Fibre.


Plaited Sheath

Covered in an attractive balck sheath, these are then braided in order to aid in the reduction of interferencem all which have been derived from our stunning Nemesis mains cable range.




  • High purity single crytsal silver cable
  • Each series of strands is individually shielded
  • Sheathed in a microporous PTFE Dialetic
  • Plaited to aid in reducing interference
  • Plugs are custom designed and manufacured
  • Plugs are made from pure silver, with carbon fibre casings
  • Custom Aluminium & Cabon Fibre EMI Absorbent Cyclinders
  • Iconic Titan Audio emboidered labels