This is the second cable in the reference level 3 range. Like its younger sibling, the Nemesis Signature looks and sounds like no other cable due to its unique construction and very special materials.

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The cable is constructed like the Nemesis from extremely high quality and high purity Single Crystal Silver however it has almost two and a half times the current delivery than the standard Nemesis cable making its performance with power amplifiers simply breathtaking. This is due to a radical rethink on power cable design and it features much more silver content than its smaller sibling.



This cable sets new standards in performance acting as a filter against disturbances in the AC mains supply. This results in extremely low background noise which in turn creates inky black silences which allows you to hear more of the music from the Hi Fi components.



The cable has been designed especially for high current power amplifiers and offers performance never before attained, offering incredible dynamics and detail which are simply stunning.


Aluminum and Carbon Fibre Body

OCC Single Crystal Silver

Anti-Vibration Weave

Increased current bandwidth

Designed for high current components

Reduces RFI Interferance

Cryogenically frozen plugs