This is the first of the new reference cables from Titan Audio. It looks and sounds completely different to most other cables due to its exceptional construction and materials. It has been almost two years in development.

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The cable itself is made from an extremely high quality and purity single crystal silver which is twisted and each series of strands is independently shielded and then sheathed in a PTFE dialetic which reduces even further the effects of RFI & EMI interference both airborne and mains-borne. Th cables are then plaited to further reduce interference and finished in an attractive black braid.



The Nemesis is then fitted with a Furutech Rhodium Plated mains plug with a very high quality fuse (UK Version Only) and a superb bespoke rhodium plated EC watt gate style plug in a carbon fibre casing.


The cable sets new standards in performance acting as a filter against disturbances in the AC mains supply. This results in extremely low background noise which is turn creates inky black silences which allows you to hear more of the music from the Hi Fi components. The higher frequencies are much cleaner and sweeter while midrange is fuller and more open. The bass frequencies are extended allowing it to be tighter and more controlled.


Aluminum and Carbon Fibre Body

OCC Single Crystal Silver

Anti-Vibration Weave

Increased current bandwidth

Designed for source components

Reduces RFI Interferance

Cryogenically frozen plugs