The Covid 19 pandemic has altered all of our lives in one way or another. No one more so than the NHS, medical staff, care workers, and essential workers across the UK & abroad. Being in the frontline puts each of these extraordinary people at a higher risk of infection. While they have been provided with the best possible safeguarding, in terms of protocols and equipment, there is only so much to go around.

Supporting Front Line Workers

It is for that reason, that Titan Audio have decided to shut down their R&D department temporarily, in order to produce a range of face shields to offer protection to our front line workers. All of these masks are created to NHS specifications, and use high quality materials, in order to offer the best protection possible. These are all being produced on our in house 3D printing machines, which are developed for precise accuracy and detail. They have been created in luminous green so they can be spotted easily and offer a colourful signal on medical staff so anyone who needs assistance can easily spot them.

Protection For The Vulnerable

Alongside this we have also began creating face masks. These are created from Non Woven Polypropylene, (the same as NHS Surgical masks) and are all heat sealed, rather than stitched to offer superior effectiveness as well as longevity.


There are also a number of more vulnerable people out there, and getting supplies is becoming more and more difficult every day. We are happy to ship face shields and masks to anyone living with, or helping anyone who is more vulnerable at this time.

Both the face shields and face masks are available to anyone who requires them, and will be shipped out directly to your home or work. This is all done totally free of charge.

We hope that this is small gesture is a step towards beating this virus, and offers vulnerable people & essential workers some protection.

If anyone would like any of these masks or face shields, please contact us at We are operating on a  first come first serve basis, and while we have our machines working around the clock, they do take some time to print each, so we are producing them as fast as possible.

We hope everyone is safe, please stay indoors when possible, and we look forward to seeing you all in the near future.